Leanne and George had booked us just a few weeks in when the very first lock-down happened here in Ireland. Our couple was very optimistic from the get go and adamant that their wedding will go ahead in October no matter what. And you know – I believe this is exactly the spirit and same attitude we here at Gaffey Productions have as well, just do it! Somehow there is always a way.

Leanne and George are an amazing couple, very optimistic, happy and really fun to be with. Anthony had a great day with them and there was a great spirit in the air from the early morning until late at night. Our couple did their own thing with the possibilities given and you know what – that’s exactly what you have to do. Your wedding day is about you, the love you share and the bond only you two have and no matter how many guests you can have because of whatever restrictions, you take the opportunity head on and, yes, just do it.

Not only did we capture both bride and groom getting ready, we also filmed their first look which was so romantic. Leanne’s dress was just amazing and combined with some very comfy sneakers… the perfect combo for a long day on your feet ahead. Their love (or maybe just George’s 😉 ) for superheros was also incorporated into the wedding, for yet another very personal touch.
Everything happened at the beautiful Ballymagarvey Village and it was a pleasure being back here again this very special year. We had the pleasure working with Joe Conroy and together we got great footage of our newlyweds.

Leanne & George, thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day and trusting in us. It really meant a lot to us and we were happy to be a part of your fab wedding day.

We are both wishing you only the very best for your future as Mr & Mrs
Patricia & Anthony